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Quadriaxial fabrics [ 0º +45º 90º -45º ]

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Selcom manufactures quadriaxial fabrics made up of four layers of parallel fibres laid in four different orientations, stitched together using polyester yarn.

The most commonly used and known quadriaxial fabrics are the ones where the fibres are oriented at 0°+45°90°-45° (the longitudinal direction of 0° is always the lengthways direction of the roll and the stitching direction); the 90° layer can also be placed on the outside surface.
A layer of fibre at 0° can be placed between the other three layers.

Remember that the orientation has to be chosen from either 0º or between ±20º and ±70º.
All reinforcements including 0º layer are available with tapered edges. During the laying of fabrics into the moulds, tapered edges are an effective way to reduce thickness build-ups when the reinforcements are overlapped. A coloured thread might be inserted to mark the start of the taper.

These items are produced in a standard width of 1270 mm or 2540 mm, and as they are stitched they can be cut without the fibres fall apart. They can be made with any type of fibre (or hybrids, even in each layer), with a total varying weight between 200 and 3600 g/sqm and can also be supplied in combination form stitched with mat, csm, non-wovens, etc. , On both outer surfaces or in-between the fabric layers.
Quadriaxial NCF are also used in building industry especially with carbon, aramid and fiberglass mesh fabrics.

SELCOM multiaxial fabrics are an infinite variety of combinations, can not list them all, on this page you can find a downloadable list of standard items that the company produces regular in stock.
For special fabrics with special needs contact us and our engineers will do their best to create a customized product for you.


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The flexibility of multi axial construction technology makes it possible to satisfy a variety of different system applications (the fabric will be assembled with polymeric composites, this is why our customers belong to many different areas: infrastructure, industry, energy, marine, sports, aeronautics, automotive and other industrial applications.